New Single Out

Power:10 cover art Been incubating this one for a year or so. Very different to our usual sound, so have a listen and maybe sing along... Click here to listen and download.

Chris and Neil

New Single Out

Power:10 cover art Today we are rather pleased to launch our new single 'Power:10'. It's loud, heavy and completely unfashionable. We hope you enjoy it and the 80's inspired cover art! Click here to get it for free.

Chris and Neil

Mammoth FX

We'd just like to say sorry for the lack of postings on here lately. We've been busy with recording our new single and we are about to start mixing. In the meantime, our guitarist Chris has written this article on his ever-growing FX collection and how he used it to record 'Mammoth'. You can read it here!

You can click here to hear and buy 'Mammoth' at Bandcamp.

Demo Time!

We're currently working on demo's for our as-yet untitled new single. It should be out in the next month or so!

Meanwhile, you can hear and buy our latest album 'Mammoth' at Bandcamp.


Mammoth cover art We're proud to announce that our debut album 'Mammoth' has been released.

It took us just over a year to make but we're chuffed with the result. You can hear and buy it at Bandcamp. We advise that you turn it up and feel the Mammoth stomping through your eardrums!

Not 'arf!