Late Night Conversations Rainbow
Power:10 Yesterday I
Mammoth Black Curtain
Rock Steady Teddy Dirt in B minor

Late Night Conversations

Our recent single, released November 2015.

  1. Late Night Conversations


Our cover, released May 2015.

  1. Rainbow


Our single, released September 2014.

  1. Power:10


Our debut album, released June 2013.

  1. The Watch
  2. Peace and Shove
  3. Stop/Start
  4. Nothing Sticks (Teflon)
  5. Rock Steady Teddy
  6. Harmonic Excitement
  7. Through the Haze
  8. Yesterday I
  9. Mammoth

Yesterday I

Our single, released November 2012.

  1. Yesterday I
  2. Harmonic Excitement

Rock Steady Teddy

Our single, released May 2011.

  1. Rock Steady Teddy
  2. Peace and Shove

Dirt in B Minor

Feel the funk! Released February 2011.

Black Curtain EP

Our first EP! Released April 2010.

  1. Black Curtain
  2. Nothing Sticks
  3. All But In Name
  4. Through The Rings Of Saturn